What Are Repressed Memories?

What Are Repressed Memories?

Repressed memories are recollections of certain events that the human mind has unconsciously forgotten. This means that, while the parts of the brain responsible for memories have recorded the event, a psychological defense mechanism remains in place to keep the mind from recalling those.

Experts are all in agreement that repression is a result of a severely traumatic event from childhood, most of which are too terrible to allow and resurface if the person is not ready.

However, these memories can still affect a person and manifest themselves in symptoms like unexplained fear and anxiety towards what is eventually revealed through hypnosis as a reminder of the forgotten event.

It was Sigmund Freud who first recorded an incident involving possible repressed memories. It involved a patient whose name they coded as “Anna O.” She was being treated to symptoms by Dr. Joseph Breuer, who used techniques to coax the purportedly hidden memories out of the patient. After that, Freud said, she recovered and her psychiatric symptoms began improving.

Repressed memories can be coached out through several psychotherapies and psychoanalytical techniques, which a hypnotherapist in Virginia is surely aware of and is an expert of.

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