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Understanding What a Past Life Regression Is


You may be able to regain memories, scenes, and/or sensations from another or numerous former lifetimes through hypnosis. This is often known as a Past Life Regression or PLR. Some people have discovered that through learning about their past lives, they have achieved inner peace and healing in their current lives.

Here some reasons why ypu should avail of PLR:

  • If medical testing reveals no acceptable explanation for your inexplicable symptoms or discomfort
  • Unnecessary phobias and anxieties, or fears that impair your quality of life
  • Recurring patterns of behavior that cause problems in relationships, family, beliefs, and attitudes

A session lasts roughly two to three hours on average. During a session with your hypnotherapist in Virginia, you may be asked why you want a previous life regression or what you want to learn. You can talk about any repeating patterns in your life, such as emotional difficulties and/or traumas, aches, fears, or phobias. This is to direct your subconscious toward the source of your problems. It can be quite advantageous to ask your mind to guide you through a life that will provide the most understanding of your current life.

Following your appointment, you will be guided by your therapist through a deep relaxation meant to induce a light alpha to theta brain wave state of trance or hypnosis. Keep an open mind and don’t be too eager to analyze your session if you want to get the most out of it. You may learn that this type of hypnosis is the key to breaking free from your past troubles.

You can always get better, and Clayton Hypnosis Clinic, a reputable hypnotherapy clinic, is here to help. Why not give it a try?

Look no further than us if you or someone you know is seeking a reputable hypnosis clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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