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The Health Benefits of Quitting Smoking

Statistics show that around 16 million Americans are affected by a disease caused by smoking. Some of these diseases are heart disease, stroke, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and different kinds of cancer such as lung and throat cancer. Studies also show a person quitting smoking, no matter how late in the age, would show health improvements and lower the risks of the diseases mentioned. As health workers and psychiatrists, we aim to help people quit smoking healthily and effectively.

Hypnosis is an effective tool that can help smokers break the compulsion that comes from nicotine cravings. Many, if not most, smokers know about the health complications that come from overly smoking. However, this knowledge or awareness is often overcome by the compulsion that comes from the need to have nicotine.

Our hypnotherapy clinic in Virginia helps smokers neutralize that compulsion on the unconscious level so they can break the cycle of smoking. Hypnosis also helps in managing withdrawal symptoms so relapse becomes less likely. When smokers have already broken the cycle, they can start living healthily. Their risk of developing diseases lowers and a healthy lifestyle is expected to add at least 10 years to their life expectancy.

For a reliable hypnotherapist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, feel free to contact or visit us at Clayton Hypnosis Clinic.

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