Managing Arthritis Pain With Hypnotherapy


Hypnosis may be a useful nondrug therapy for reducing pain, such as chronic ailments. Studies suggest that hypnosis relieves pain in more than 75% of persons with arthritis and related diseases. Today’s practitioners use hypnosis to provide patients with an additional tool to help manage their pain.

Hypnosis is about assisting you in dealing with the fear and worry that comes with it. It relaxes you and diverts your attention away from the discomfort experienced. To help you relax during a hypnosis session, you will most likely begin by focusing on your breathing. Our hypnotherapist in Virginia will next advise you to visualize and describe a nice area in detail, diverting your attention from something that causes bad emotions to something that causes positive emotions.

You’ll be less focused on your discomfort if your mind wanders to positive imagery or memories that you like. This also prepares you for the future indirect suggestion of how to react to pain.

Hypnosis isn’t a one-time fix. Initially, it can be incorporated into normal psychotherapy appointments in a hypnotherapy clinic. In most cases, hypnosis can reduce pain in as few as four to ten sessions. However, some people profit more quickly than others. The goal is to teach you the technique so that you may utilize it when you are in pain on your own.

Some practitioners can make recordings for you to listen to when you enter the hypnotic state. Some patients prefer to create their script rather than rely on a tape or the therapist’s voice to trigger the procedure when they are in pain and require it.

Allow our hypnosis clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to help you manage your pain today. Get in touch with Clayton Hypnosis Clinic for professional therapy anytime.

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