Improving Sleep Quality with Hypnosis


Sleep is a very important function that allows your tissues and organs to recharge and repair themselves. But due to certain reasons (which usually revolve around stress and anxiety), getting some sleep can be a bit of a struggle, which results to sleep deprivation. And yes, being sleep-deprived does more harm than good to your health. It even increases your risk of heart diseases and mental illnesses.

Are you having some trouble falling asleep lately? If so, let a hypnotherapist in Virginia Beach, Virginia help you out!

Hypnosis reduces peripheral awareness, induces intense concentration, and makes an individual more responsive to suggestions, which can be used to positively influence one’s thoughts and actions. And according to a team of Swiss researchers, a short session of hypnosis or hypnotherapy can improve sleep quality by changing negative thoughts or sleep-related habits. Hypnosis also helps you get into a deeply relaxed state, which effectively fends off stress and anxiety, therefore making falling asleep easy.

If you wish to improve your sleep quality effectively through hypnosis, please don’t hesitate to contact Clayton Hypnosis Clinic. We would be more than happy to help you out.

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