Debunking Common Misconceptions About Hypnotherapy

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Hypnotherapy

Just like any other therapy or treatments out there, Hypnotherapy also has its own series of misconceptions that is surprisingly, most people believed in.

So if you are planning to contact a Hypnotherapist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but you have hesitations whether you will push through with your decision or not, then we are here to debunk some of those common misconceptions about hypnotherapy.

  • Myth: People give up their freewill under Hypnosis.

    Truth: An individual’s mind is completely awake during hypnotherapy. The people under hypnosis are just willingly engaging in their trance and they can pull out of the trance any time they want to. To make this clear, they use their free will to stay in the hypnotic state.

  • Myth: Hypnotherapy is not considered as a medical treatment.

    Truth: People has always this misconception of hypnotherapy as a practice that is not based on science. Little did they know that in fact, hypnotherapy is a clinical practice which is like any other form of psychotherapy. It is known to be effective when it comes to treating various physical, mental, and emotional issues by a trained clinician.

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