Common Causes of Stress and How It Can Affect You

Common Causes of Stress and How It Can Affect You

Given how we mostly live fast-paced lives, stress is a common thing in our society. The body’s reaction to any form of danger or threat now becomes an attack on our nervous system instead of being a means to protect ourselves.

As a hypnotherapy clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we often help patients deal with stress.

Stress is caused by various factors. It can be caused by an external source such as major life changes, work or school, relationship difficulties, or financial problems. It can also be caused by an internal stressor such as pessimism, uncertainty, lack of flexibility, negative self-talk, perfectionism, and an all-or-nothing attitude.

According to stress.org, these stress factors can cause stress overload which manifests in various ways such as:

  • Cognitive symptoms – memory and concentration problems, poor judgement, anxiety
  • Emotional symptoms – depression, moodiness, loneliness, feeling overwhelmed
  • Physical symptoms – aches and pains, diarrhea or constipation, nausea
  • Behavioral symptoms – eating more or less, sleeping too much or little, procrastinating

While there are various ways to deal, manage, and cope with stress, hypnosis has been a popular option. It lets you get into a deeply relaxed state to fight tension and reduce stress.

Interested in dealing with your stress through a hypnotherapist in Virginia? Come and visit us at Clayton Hypnosis Clinic. We offer various hypnotherapy services such as weight loss, pain management, dealing with phobias and anxiety, and others.

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