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Answers to Frequently Asked Hypnotherapy Questions


If hypnosis has crossed your mind at some point but you are unsure, let us put your mind at ease. Hypnotherapy may assist with everything from quitting smoking to losing weight, relieving anxiety, encouraging healthy habits, and everything in between.

The following are the most frequently requested hypnotherapy questions. This should alleviate any doubts you have regarding hypnotherapy and how a hypnotherapist in Virginia may assist you.

  • What is hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a type of therapeutic intervention. It employs a hypnotic trance (a simple shift between the conscious and subconscious mind) to generate a suggestible state of calm in the subject.
  • What is a hypnotic trance?
    Rather than sleep, as many associates or believe it to be, the “trance state” is a natural state of consciousness that we experience in our daily lives. The sole difference between a naturally occurring condition and a hypnotic state is that your hypnotherapist initiates and controls your hypnotic state to create awareness and healing.
  • What is hypnotherapy?
    Hypnotherapy is a type of unconscious psychotherapy. Your hypnotherapist can use hypnosis to enter your subconscious and provide healthy suggestions to modify the way you think and view things.
  • Is hypnotherapy harmless to children?
    Hypnotherapy is non-invasive, drug-free, and suitable for people of all ages, including children and teenagers. Many common childhood concerns, such as bedwetting, phobias, low self-esteem, test stress, family changes, and sleep disorders, to name a few, can be helped with hypnotherapy.
  • What can hypnotherapy treat?
    Hypnotherapy can treat PTSD, depression, migraines, performance anxiety, OCD, addictions, weight problems, anxiety and stress, grief, cancer, childbirth, dementia, and more.

If you still have questions, Clayton Hypnosis Clinic, a hypnosis clinic in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is open to answering them.

If you wish to give hypnotherapy a try, our hypnotherapy clinic welcomes you with open arms.

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